POP UP 3, UReo and ReFresh

The environmental Choice!

POP UP3 uses approx. 0.175 gallons of water per flush, compared to 2.1 gallons in a traditional system with flushing tank. Savings that yield higher quality and lower costs. The vacuum technology sucks the toilet’s contents with great force, not leaving behind any traces or odors. Because it needs less water to flush, the system is never overburdened; POP UP3 can easily be used every minute.

Up to 90% less water and less waste water

After each visit, innovative nozzles flush the toilet with water which is gushed through at high pressure. Because the feces are grinded, there is a minimal chance of blocking. Cleaning the drainage system is done quickly and tidily on a distant location. POP UP3 yields double savings: the supply of water decreases with up to 90%, thereby also reducing the amount of sewage water. In the first six months that POP UP3 has been used, the system saved over 1.000.000 gallons. That is equivalent to the average water use of 23 households!


Saving in transportation also saves the environment

POP UP3, UReo and Refresh all consists of flexible elements. The POP UP3 contains three toilets. These elements are folded into each other according to an innovative method, resulting in an easily transportable package. As these can be stacked, a single truck can transport 99 toilets. This is almost three times as many compared to traditional mobile toilet units.

The UReo as well as the ReFresh can be dismantled into small, easy to handle individual parts (2 sides, 1 urinal or wash basin and for the UReo 1 separation screen. Setting up (and breaking down) is a piece of cake and takes just a few minutes. Optional the UReo and ReFresh can be delivered with a special transportation rack. This rack contains up to 20 units (UReo or ReFresh). Better protection during transport and easy handling on the event site.

The UReo needs no water supply and with the standard direct stop taps on the ReFresh, you will save lots of expensive (drinking) water.

The POP UP3, UReo and ReFresh also save lots of mileage and transport costs, CO2 emission and labor costs. Less trucks on the festival area, therefore less chance on destroying the grounds. Less people on the grounds, therefore less unwanted occurrences.

Stackable, meaning quick deliveries

Saving 70% of all transport is not only a good thing for the environment. Another great advantage is that your mobile toilets can arrive at the intended location three times as fast. Even in areas that are difficult to reach, because the compact system can be transported so easily. This is crucial in emergencies, but also very convenient in other cases.

You can’t go greener

Because POP UP3 saves at least six liters of water during every usage, the amount of sewage water is reduced by about 90%. This means that not only the amount of sewage water pumped to the treatment plants decreases radically, but so do the transport costs. You can’t go much greener with your sanitation.