Advantages and features UReo

  • Innovative modular 8 persons urinal for high capacity
  • Beyond the standard chemical toilets
  • Cuts down on the number of chemical toilets needed at your festival
  • Environmentally friendly. No water needed
  • Allows quicker use and short turnaround time: creates faster movement and less waiting lines
  • Small amount of space is needed
  • Allows visitors to have more gender specific toilets, resulting in cleaner portable restrooms for women and (small) children
  • Extendable in rows
  • Low transportation costs
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup and breaking down

UReo urinals offer the latest innovation in urinals for 8 persons usage at the same time. The light weighted and reliable system comes with 1 double sided urinal and 2 solid side supports and a privacy separation screen. Optionally this screen can be printed with your design, logo or sponsors (e.g. festival logo).


Quick and easy set-up

We set up UReo urinals in no time and the break down time is equally low. To achieve the most effective usage, we set them up in rows.

Ask us for an interesting quotation for your event! Combine toilets, urinals, wash basins and showers into one perfect solution for your event. Use less expensive overhead space and turn your square feet into profitable ground. And while you do this, you also make your visitors very happy with clean and reliable sanitation. You will notice this in your turn around on food and beverages.