Advantages and features ReFresh

  • Innovative modular, double sided wash basin with 8 water taps per unit
  • Only using water when tap is pressed
  • Suitable for washing as well as drinking (depending on water quality)
  • Small surface is needed
  • Flexible layout
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup and breaking down
  • Usable for any size festival/event

ReFresh wash basins are innovative, light weighted, saving lots of time due to easy set up (as well as breaking down), extremely reliable and consumes just a small amount of space on the event. Suitable for 8 simultaneous users and can be used for hand washing as well as drinking water, depending on the quality of the water.


Quick and easy set-up

We set up ReFresh wash basins in no time and the break down time is equally low. To achieve the most effective usage, we always set them up in rows. Less occupied space, less overhead, more capacity, in short: optimal use!

Direct stop water taps = low water consumption

A ReFresh wash basin comes standard with 8 direct stop taps. If a visitor pushes the tap, water flows, after releasing the tap, water stops immediately. This saves a lot of water (and waste water).

Feel free to ask us for an interesting quotation for your event! Make your visitors happier and let them spend more money on food and beverages. Because you’ll be safe with our clean, home feel sanitation products!