Environmentally Friendly!

PEEX4 = Shorter Lines

Not only extremely efficient, practical and space saving in design, PEEX4 urinals also provide an active contribution to a cleaner planet. Made from polyethylene, a durable and fully recyclable material, the PEEX4 is deliberately constructed light to save fuel and lower resistance to travel. Using considerably less water than a conventional urinal, the PEEX4 will reduce carbon footprint, reduce cost, and optimize efficiency wherever implemented.

Comfort Zone is a national distributor for the PEEX4 Urinal.  Give us a call if you are a local Portable Toilet Rental company and are interested in the PEEX4 Urinal.  Ask for Mark Slade.

The 4-Position Urinal PSX is ideal for crowded special events, as it allows four men to use it simultaneously, side by side, with ample separation and privacy. It is lightweight, efficient, easy to handle and cleaned with only hot water, no chemicals. 

  • Capacity – Holds 126.8 gallons/~1500 urination turns 
  • Dimensions – 6.5’ x 3.5’ x 3.5’
  • Space-saving unit : 4 urinals in 1
  • Can be placed anywhere 

These shorten wait times at rest stations, and keep portable restrooms cleaner.

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