• Innovative, modular toilet system based on vacuum technology
  • LED lights in every cubicle
  • Sustainable: 90% savings on water supply, 90% savings on waste water, 70% savings on transport
  • Closed drainage system
  • Quick and easy setup, connection & cleanup and breaking down

Environment and savings

Our POP UP3 system is an innovative modular system with 3 toilets per unit equipped with vacuum technology. This clean, reliable technology has proven itself in aviation, shipping and events for years. Vacuum toilets only use 0,175 gallons of water each flush. Compared to conventional toilets (2,1 gallons) saving 90% of water. Also equivalent, 90% savings on waste water and transport.

Because our POP UP3 system is collapsible and stackable we can transport up to 99 toilets on one truck. Saving 70% transport which means less trucks on your grounds, less fuel, less CO2 emission, but much more satisfaction for your visitors!

Maximum hygienic standards

POP UP3 offers maximum health standards in sanitation compared to standard chemical toilets. Waste is evacuated from the toilet bowl along with unpleasant odors each time it is flushed. It can be used on any site that needs temporary toilets. The closed drainage system is extra hygienic, so your visitors always have a clean and fresh toilet.

Sustainability: setting the standard in sanitation

If you choose POP UP3 for your event, you will benefit from the enormous savings on water and transport therefore achieving the highest level on environment and sustainability. And in combination with a financially responsible choice that goes perfectly with a sustainable business. This way, POP UP3 will give your corporate image the green boost you were looking for.

Additional to the savings, POP UP3 Units are ecstatically pleasing & offers a roomy interior including Integrated LED Lighting. The system offers the advantages of a Flexible Layout and shows Leadership through Innovation. Ask us for an interesting quotation for your event! Make your visitors more happy and let them spend more money on food and beverages. Because you’ll be safe with our clean, reliable, home feel sanitation products!